HDMI Over IP Video Wall -1525

The NS-EX1525G uses Gigabit compression technology to send a visually lossless up to 1080p image and 8-channel digital audio across a 1000BT LAN (UHD over IP), also supports the following amazing and practical features:

  • Limitless A/V Distribution including one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many matrix switch.
  • Video Wall (up to 8x16)
  • Video Scaler (like 1080p in/720p out, 720p in/1080p out)
  • Video Rotation for 180/270 degree
  • KM over IP (for KVM application)
  • USB over IP (for all kinds of USB HID devices)
  • Audio over IP (automatically switch off the HDMI audio)
  • HDMI audio extraction to the line out on Client
  • RS232 over IP


  • One-to-one Extension
-Extend the FHD source up to 120 meters over a single CAT6 cable.
2016-5-24-HDMI Over IP Video Wall -1525-01.jpg

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