About Us

Story About InnoChain.

InnoChain established in year 2005

InnoChain products cover from (HDMI, DVI, SDI & HDBaseT and USB) Converter, Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch, Multi-viewer to Video Wall Controller.


These solutions are over HDMI cable, DVI cable, Cat5e cable, USB Cable and Fiber Optic Cable.

Since 2019

Since 2019 we launch Tracking Cameras and Video Streaming products to provide users more work from home solutions.

InnoChain provides 4 series of IT products detailed as below.

HDMI, DVI, SDI, DisplayPort & HDBaseT solutions:

  • Modular Video Wall Controller
  • Multi Signal Matrix Switch
  • HDMI Extender Over Optical Fiber
  • HDMI Over IP Extender, Matrix Switch & Video Wall
  • HDMI Daisy Chainable Splitter
  • HDMI Converter, Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch
  • HDMI Multi-viewer
  • HDBaseT Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch, max.100m
  • KVM Extender Over Optical Fiber

Tracking Camera / PTZ Camera

  • Speaker Tracking Camera
  • PTZ Auto Tracking Camera
  • Lecture Recording Camera
  • Web Camera
  • IP / USB PTZ Camera
  • HD NDI Camera
  • Camera Control Box

Video Streaming

  • 4G LTE HDMI/SDI Video Streaming Box
  • USB3.0 Full HD 60fps Capture, Recorder, Streaming Box
  • USB2.0 HDMI Capture & Streaming

USB Repeater, USB Extender and Adaptor

  • USB Repeater Cable
  • USB Extender
  • USB Industrial Hub
  • USB to Giga Lan Adaptor
  • USB To VGA/DVI/HDMI Adaptor