8x1 HDMI 4K@60Hz Switch with Timer


8x1 HDMI 4K@60Hz Switch with Timer

8x1 HDMI 4K@60Hz Switch with Timer

Model No.: NS-SW801H-4K60M

This 4K HDMI Audio Video switch can connect 8 roads HDMI signal sources to an HDMI display. It supports the resolution up to 4K (4096x2160 @60Hz 4:4:4), date rate 18Gbps, 3D, color depth up to 12 bits, and distortion-free audio format. The 8 port HDMI auto switch is equipped with an automatic switching mode, which can provide the convenience of automatic switching of signals and an instant switching function, allowing users to easily switch between HDMI signal sources. In addition, users can quickly and easily operate the 8x1 HDMI switch in many ways. For example: through front-panel buttons, two-way RS-232 serial port, IR, and automatic switching functions. This mode is suitable for multi-clock application environment, such as: home theater, conference room, trade exhibition hall, shopping mall.


  • Connect up to 8 HDMI signal source to an HDMI display
  • Support HDCP 2.2 standard
  • Support EDID emulator
  • High resolution: true 4K resolution (4Kx2K @60Hz 4:4:4) and 1080P (1920x1080 @60Hz)
  • Support automatic scanning (Interval time can be arbitrarily set in units: minutes / second)
  • Support RS-232 serial port for high-level system control
  • Automatic switching mode supports automatic selection of the connection port
  • Support IR switching function
  • LED indicator show signal status
  • Plug and play
  • Rack-mount design

Connection diagram:

NS-SW801H-4K60M Connection diagram-1.png

NS-SW801H-4K60M Connection diagram-2.png

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