4K 2x3 HDMI Video Wall Controller


4K 2x3 HDMI Video Wall Controller

4K 2x3 HDMI Video Wall Controller

Model No.: NS-VW2x3-4K60

This VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER & PLAYER has function of video wall controller, and also be able to switch between video signal source of player and video signal from HDMI input port. Support install software of live streaming, video on demand, game, web surfing, music, etc..  As a video wall controller, support display a single complete picture with HD multiple splicing modes, compose a video wall perfectly without any control software, plug and play, easy to operate. Widely used in occasion of advertising screen, restaurant, teaching,etc.


  • Support multiple splicing modes
  • Support cascade splicing,you can splice more than 6 video walls 
  • Player support WIFI,DLAN connection
  • Player support 2-ways USB 2.0 input 
  • Support function of audio extraction,  digital optical fiber and analog 3.5mm audio output 
  • Pure hardware design, plug and play, no need any software


NS-VW2x3-4K60 spec..png

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