Video Recorder (3)
  Video Wall (3)
  HDMI over IP support Large Cascade(1)
  HDMI Mixed Input Splitter support Video Wall(1)
  HDMI Over IP/ Fiber with USB KVM support 4K(2)
  HDMI over IP Extender, support H.264(1)
  H.264 HD HDMI Encoder for IP TV(1)
  4K HDMI Audio Extractor(1)
  HDMI Splitter Up to 50M support 4 layers of cascade
  HDMI Converter (13)
  HDMI 2.0 Extender/ Repeater (8)
  HDMI Extender over IP (10)
  HDMI Over IP support 4k2K (4)
  HDMI Over IP Video Wall (5)
  Video Game Capture (1)
  HDMI 4K Extender Over Fiber Optic (9)
  Fiber Optical Extender (12)
  HDMI Splitter (11)
  HDMI Splitter with Audio (4)
  HDMI Splitter with 2/4 Input (6)
  HDMI Splitter over Cat5e/6 cable (2)
  HDMI Splitter Cascadable - up to 100 HDTV (3)
  HDMI Switch (5)
  HDMI Matrix 4K@60Hz (9)
  HDMI Matrix over Cat5e/6 cable (1)
  HDBaseT Extender/ Repeater 4K@60Hz (11)
  HDBaseT Splitter 4K@60Hz (7)
  HDBaseT Matrix 4K@60Hz (4)
  HDMI1080P to 4K2K Scaler (2)
  DisplayPort Video Wall (2)
  DVI KVM Extender (3)
  VGA Extender (1)
  USB Extender / Repeater (8)
  HDMI /USB / Network Cable (15)
  70m HDBaseT 4K2K Splitter - up to 100pcs HDTV(1)
  HDMI Wireless Extender(1)
  HDMI KVM Over IP(2)
  SDI Switcher(2)
  SDI Splitter & Repeater(3)

About Us

InnoChain provides 3 series of IT products detailed as below.

1.HDMI, DVI, SDI, DisplayPort & HDBaseT solutions:

  • DisplayPort To DVI Video Wall
  • DVI KVM Extender Over Fiber Optic, max. 2km
  • DVI Extender Over Fiber Optic, 1-ch, 4-ch, 8-ch & 16-ch, max.20km
  • SDI To HDMI Converter, Extender, Splitter
  • HDMI KVM Extender Over Fiber Optic
  • HDMI Extender Over Fiber Optic, 1-ch, 4-ch, 8-ch & 16-ch
  • HDMI Over Fiber PIS (Passenger Information System)
  • HDMI Over IP Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch support RS232, POE, max. 120m
  • HDMI Daisy Chainable Splitter from 1x2 to 1x100 HDTVs, max.100m
  • HDMI Converter, Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch
  • HDBaseT Extender, Splitter, Matrix Switch, max.100m

2.USB Repeater, USB Extender, USB Hub and Adaptor

  • USB 3.0 Repeater
  • USB 2.0 Extender
  • USB 2.0 Industrial Hub
  • USB 3.0 to Gigalan Adaptor
  • USB To VGA Adaptor
  • USB To DVI Adaptor
  • USB to HDMI Adaptor
  • 1394b Extender

3.Power Remote Controller

  • Power Remote Control Devices
  • GSM Controlled Power Switch
  • SMS Controlled Power Switch



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